Sirsniņu dienas azaids
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Pūpolu Svētdienas azaids
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Remember Dance
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The Latvian saturday school starts the 65th school year
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Ainavu arhitektūras plāni terases pusē, un pagalmā
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TLBS Saturday School Mothers Day Program
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Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Centrs
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Latvian Centre 35 Years - Come And Have A Ball
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Third Annual Latvian Costume Sale
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Exhibition And Art Sale
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Oldies 2014
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TLB saturday school play
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Volunteer appreciation lunch
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New Years Eve celebration
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Latvian Centre after ice storm
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Latvijas Valsts prezidents viesojas Latviešu Centrā 19. septembrī
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New Years eve 2012-2013
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Baltic Cruise Night
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Jāņi 2012
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Caribbean Night
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The Coldest Night of the Year
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New Years eve 2011-2012
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Sadziedāšanas Svētki II
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Jāņi at the Centre
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