The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre children’s dance group Menestins was formed in October of 1993, and holds rehearsals at the Latvian Centre. Children between the ages of 4 and 14 are welcome to participate. Mēnestiņš rehearses every Sunday from September to June at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, excluding holidays.


Over the years, Mēnestiņš has performed at a variety of different events, such as: the Latvian Song and Dance Festivals in Cleveland (USA) in 1997, Toronto 2004,  Indianapolis (USA) 2007, Hamilton 2009 and Milwaukee (USA) 2012. At the Hamilton festival, Mēnestiņš dancers Māra and Daila Pērkons won first place for their choreography “Here and There” at the new choreography competition – which was performed by Mēnestiņš. 


Mēnestiņš has also performed at smaller venues such as at „Garezers” in Michigan at the “Singing Days” festival, at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, Camp Sidrabene in Milton, and the annual German Kinderfest Concert.   



            2014 to current:     Laila Pētersone - Tannis

            2010 - 2014:         Mareks Nēgels 
            1993 – 2010:         Rita Lukss



            2010 - 2014:         Māra Bērziņa
            1999 – 2008:         Edgars Apse       
            1993 – 1999:         Nīls Ozoliņš