The Centre belongs to all of us!



The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre has provided a place for our Latvian community to come together for 36 years. Our volunteers today continue to provide their services that continue to bring in strong revenue and assist in paying some of the costs associated with maintaining the building. Donations from members and Latvian organizations in the past also assisted in keeping the Centre strong and viable. Unfortunately, as our community ages, and others move away from the Centre, resources to assist with the required upkeep of the Centre has also decreased substantially. Hall rentals and catering do not offset this loss. The addition of an aging infrastructure, requiring over $200,000 of serious work to bring it up to a safe and healthy level of function only adds to the need to reach out to those who come to the Centre and would like to see a future for themselves, their children and grandchildren here. The only way this can happen is with your help!

The LCCC Group/Organizational challenge is in effect! Dedicate your pledge to the LCCC, towards a group/organization that regularly uses the Centre, and we will publically monitor their progress!

-pledge form (PDF)