About us 

Our mission at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre is to provide an environment that will inspire and unite the Latvian community of all ages through culture, heritage, and the arts so that anyone who wishes can better learn about, and understand, Latvian culture. We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our endeavors, building inclusive and accessible programs that reduce social isolation. We welcome all communities and cultures at the Latvian Centre. By enhancing our community spaces and developing innovative approaches that support our Mission, we help create stronger, resilient communities. We empower people to take deliberate action for the environment, transfer skills and knowledge to the next generation, and ensure that arts, culture, and heritage have appropriate spaces. Through focused programming and infrastructure, we connect more people with compelling cultural experiences, fostering engagement and preserving our rich cultural heritage.

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The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre is a dedicated institution focused on fostering and preserving the rich heritage and traditions of Latvia within the multi-cultural Canadian fabric by engaging all ages of community members. Our core mission is to provide a comprehensive center and associated facilities that actively contribute to the advancement of public knowledge and understanding of Latvian art, music, history, language, and traditions. Through the organization of engaging plays, impactful exhibitions, and the publication of significant literary and historical works, including books, articles, magazines, and poetic creations, we strive to share the invaluable cultural wealth of Latvia. 

In line with our commitment to education, we actively support academic institutions specializing in Latvian studies. We offer financial aid to qualified applicants as defined by the Canadian Income Tax Act, and we proudly provide scholarships to Canadian students enrolled in these institutions. Our scholarship program is inclusive, solely considering academic achievement, financial need, and a genuine interest in Latvian studies. 

To promote lifelong learning, we offer exceptional facilities for various educational endeavors, including seminars, symposia, supplementary schools, language laboratories, arts and crafts courses, choral singing, and other educational musical activities. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive library, archives, and a resource center housing culturally and historically significant materials. 

As an organization deeply rooted in the community, we provide essential social and cultural facilities for community benefit. Our versatile spaces host choir practices, folk dancing groups, theatrical groups, social clubs, meetings, and similar functions, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. 

Furthermore, we extend our assistance to those in need, offering financial aid, material resources, and moral support to the disadvantaged members of society, including the poor, unemployed, disabled, aged, and desolate. Through our philanthropic efforts, we strive to uplift individuals and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. 

The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre stands unwavering in its commitment to promoting Latvian culture, supporting education and research, fostering community engagement, and providing aid to those in need. 


Latvian Centre statutes can be seen here